A. How is the mystery shopping process carried out in a pharmacy?

B. What is assessed in a mystery shopping project for a pharmacy?

General image of pharmacy
Image and behaviour of employees
Method of investigation of needs / case history of the patient
Presentation of solution according to patient’s needs
Recommendation of related products

C. How does mystery shopping help in the pharmaceutical industry?

Checks the implementation of the pharmacy’s standards;

Assesses the pharmacist in terms of image, skills and attitude;

Identifies the pharmacist’s strong and weak points in investigating the needs and offering a solution;

Monitors the products recommended by the pharmacist.

Download the form and check if the sale process in your locations is carried out according to standards

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D. Do you want to test and see if a mystery shopping project provides you with the expected results?

You will know exactly how the process is carried out;

You will see the types of reports you get;

You will find out if your company standards are implemented in the assessed location.

You have the possibility to get reports for two separate assessments for any of your locations.


You provide to us the required information by filling out the attached form.


We will appoint two collaborators to perform the two assessments based on a standard form.


At the end of the week you will receive a notification with all details required to access online the reports drawn up following the assessments: access link, username and password.

Fill out the form and within 1 week at most you will receive the first 2 mystery shopping reports. Free of charge!

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