A. How is the mystery shopping process carried out?


The mystery shopper orders a product online. They pay for the product and wait to receive it.

Depending on the script, they can also opt for returning the product and getting a refund. After they complete the process, the mystery shopper fills out an assessment form which specifies the information required for the analysis.

B. What is assessed in a mystery shopping project for online commerce?

How the website presents itself and how easy it is to use.
Checking order status both online and in the call centre before receiving it.
Order receipt – compliance of product ordered with product received, delivery term, courier services.
Return and refund procedure.

C. How does mystery shopping help in online commerce?

Improvement of the order placement process and of the ease of use of the website.

Increased level of satisfaction for customers in using the website.

Checking implementation and compliance with standards in the process of product return and money refund to the customer.

Control of order delivery and compliance of product ordered with product delivered.

Assessment of communication with call-centre and increased satisfaction as to the customer service department.


Download the form and check if your website is operating according to standards

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D. Would you like to test and see if a mystery shopping project offers you the expected results?

You will know exactly how the process is carried out;

You will see the types of reports you get;

You will find out if the website assessed has been implemented according to your company standards.

You have the possibility to get reports for two separate assessments for your website


You provide to us the required information by filling out the attached form.


We will appoint two collaborators to perform the two assessments based on a standard form.


At the end of the week you will receive a notification with all details required to access online the reports drawn up following the assessments: access link, username and password.

Fill out the form and within 1 week at most you will receive the first 2 mystery shopping reports. Free of charge!

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