For mystery shoppers

Why be a mystery shopper for Hollow Men?


How can you become a mystery shopper?

Create a new source of income

Fill out the information and you can start the assessments on a schedule that you get to decide on your own.
After you fill out the information, you will receive a link to the “Mystery Shopper Guide”, your first step in creating an account.



Mystery Shopper Guide

Access the link sent by us where you will find the mystery shopper guide, and do a simple test from it.

Create your account

After you do the test, you will get access to our online platform where you will create your mystery shopper account.


After you create the account, you will get a message containing a username and a password, and also the opportunity to download the collaboration agreement. The agreement must be signed and sent to us in two counterparts, joined by a copy of your identity document.

Activate your account

As soon as the agreement reaches us, the account will be made active and you can start the assessment visits.