Mystery Shopping Story

Open your eyes. Open them well.

A new day has started. A day where your employees are conscientiously compliant and breathe in the same clichés. Doors opening, lights being turned on, interior cleaning, stocking, product placement…

And all of this for the moment when the judges of your business – your customers – will step over the store threshold. In less than 2 minutes, depending on what happens, they will analyse the services that are offered and the values of the brand. Although we may not like it, their conclusions are more often than not equivalent to future visits paid to the competition. In order for this not to happen, you need to know exactly the expectations that your customers have, to be whatever they need you to be, to be prepared to offer them that “something” that will always awaken their interest.

We are Hollow Men, and even if you don’t perceive us, we are here to help you.

About Hollow Men

Who we are?

Hollow Men is a market research company specializing exclusively in mystery shopping projects, conducting over 30,000 assessments a year.

Hollow Men uses professional software to collect data from the field and also to report results. Through Hollow Men, it provides to its partners a WEB reporting platform to which the latter have customized and unlimited access, based on username and password. On the platform, you can view all types of agreed reports, with real time data updates.

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Company values

  • Collaborating with Hollow Men we are making sure that we constantly offer the same quality of interaction of our sales consultants with all customers and that we are turning their visits to the store into a memorable experience.

    We started by translating our client-oriented mission into quantifiable indicators, and each stage of the client’s journey through the store was subject to further analysis in the mystery shopping survey, benefiting from professional consulting provided by the Hollow Men team in building and implementing the assessment tool.

    This collaboration has been helping us for two years to reward the performance of the sales force and to constantly correct the quality of our services based on monthly, customized reports, provided by Hollow Men through the digital platform.

    Sereda Grosu
    Sport Couture - General Manager
  • Our collaboration with the “Hollow Men” team has brought us consistent benefits in improving the quality of the services we offer our customers in the Nike, collective, _kix and Folli Follie stores. Although initially it was only a project, after the first results in 2013, it has become a permanent partnership for assessing the performance of employees in the stores. Mystery shopping assessments are of paramount importance in our attempt to constantly improve the experience that the customer has in our stores since it allows us to see through the eyes of those that cross our threshold every day.

    Regardless of the level of subjectivity or error margin of the results, it is important to understand that these sheets represent the experience that some of our clients had in our stores, the feedback from a potential client, and that they outline aspects where we excel and aspects that need improvement. The comparison reports of the assessment results of previous years and the data collection software provided by the “Hollow Men” team throughout the process of assessment allows for an in-depth analysis of each mystery shopper visit, which is extremely important for us, since in retail details are of the essence.

    Laura Calistru
    FF Group - Human Resources Manager
  • We’ve been collaborating with Hollow Men since 2009 and we have applied a monthly mystery shopper evaluation that has had a positive impact on our employee’s behavior. Thanks to the increased frequency and accurate research process and to the quick feedback following visits, we have successfully met out client service improvement standards.

    Mihaela Vladut
    Romstal – Development Director Human Resources
  • Through this recommendation we want to express our appreciation towards Hollow Men for the way they've coordinated the projects we've covered in Romania and Bulgaria with over 1500 visits/year. During those 2 years of collaboration with Hollow Men, they have proven to have great market experience and people capable of understanding client standards and flexibly applying partner resources in their best interests. They have reacted quickly to our requirements and have kept their word at every opportunity.
    Alina Ostahi
    Western Union - Senior Regional Operations Specialist Romania and Bulgaria
  • Our partnership with Hollow Men on the Mystery Shopping project helps us perform a correct and objective assessment of our consultants so that we may best calibrate our services in line with market needs. It is a pleasant and constructive collaboration thanks to the competent and proactive Hollow Men team.

    Cristina Vadanovici
    Biogenis (Stem cell bank) - Sales Director
  • We will start with the end: if we were to choose again, we would certainly still choose Hollow Men. Why? Easy: they are flexible, they help us with each of their visit to our stores (we have over 50 stores in Romania and Bulgaria, therefore 100 monthly visits), they are voluble and they are efficient in solving any issues that may appear. We have been collaborating for a year and a half and we consider this partnership to be a great help to us.

    Simona Carp
    JYSK - HR Manager Romania & Bulgaria

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